Spray-in-Place Polyurethane

Why Choose Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam?

Foam Kote Inc's, Spray-in-Place urethane foam insulation stops the air infiltration & reduces sound transfer. We offer both opened and closed cell Green Guard certified spray foam. By insulating with Spray-in-Place urethane foam your new or retrofit building is permanently protected, sealed off from the wind, pollutants and airborne sound. You can expect to see up to a 50% reduction in heating and cooling costs. The R-Value remains consistent and permanent for the life of the building. Spray-in-Place urethane foam insulation is the environmentally friendly and sound investment for residential and commercial buildings.

Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam Benefits


  • Higher R value per inch then compared to fiberglass and cellulose insulation
  • The R value of our foam ranges from R4 to R7 per inch
  • R-Value Fairy Tale

Return on Investment – Save 40–50%!

  • ROI averages 2 to 4 years, depending on the size of the home
  • For residential and commercial customers – Energy savings are often as high as 50% when compared with conventionally insulated buildings.
  • For new construction – HVAC tonnage requirements are reduced as much as 40%.
  • Initial costs for heating and cooling equipment are lowered due to an air-tight building – without any loss of efficiency or comfort.
  • By filling every crevice, Spray Foam reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment, allowing you to downsize the HVAC system and Save Money!

Permanent and will not degrade

  • Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam will not shrink, settle or disintegrate.
  • It will not cause corrosion or rusting of metal buildings.
  • It has been rated to withstand wind gusts up to 160mph.

Effective Air Barrier

  • The applied two-part foam expands to over 120 times its volume and seals all the cracks, gaps and voids found in on-site construction.
  • Spray-in-Place urethane foam seals the gaps that naturally occur at sill plates, headers, corners, base boards and around windows, doors, light fixtures and electrical outlets.
  • More about an Effective Air Barrier

Adds strength to the building structure

  • Racking strength is greatly increased in a foam filled stud wall
  • Spray-in-Place urethane foamed walls are stronger and permits stud and rafter size reduction which increases living space and square footages.
Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam is the easiest to install and the most perfect fill for steel frame buildings.
  • Spray-in-Place urethane foam meets the inherent steel frame construction challenges of proper insulation & offers an ease of installation not found with traditional batts and boards.

Indoor Air Quality is Healthier than Outside Air!

  • The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that people spend 90% of their time indoors, but that indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air pollution can threaten the health -- and the lives -- of everyone in your family
  • American Lung Association recommends keeping dust and pollen out of your home and work environments. A Spray-in-Place urethane foam insulated building creates a healthier environment for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Dust Free! Spray Insulated homes show a remarkable reduction of dust accumulation.

Environmentally Friendly - No VOC’s

  • No Formaldehyde or Asbestos
  • No ozone depletion of chemicals
  • Does not support the growth of mold or mildew
  • NO VOC’s – passes off-gas testing – no toxic vapors are released inside.
  • Open cell is fully water blown.

Reduces Moisture Related Problems

  • If warm moist outside air enters and becomes trapped in the wall cavities, it creates an environment for the growth of molds and mildew. Spray-in-Place urethane foam Insulation eliminates moisture-related problems such as staining from condensation and molds. This helps avoid substantial maintenance and repair costs.
  • New Building codes support the application of spray foam applied directly to the roof deck creating a tight bond between the roof sheathing and the roof joist in eliminating wind-driven rain through soffits and gable vents- which is a leading cause of property damage after storms.
  • Review the Engineered Building Envelope to incapulate Your Intire Building!!
Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam

Foam Kote Inc. is a polyurethane foam contractor who specializes in commercial and residential insulating and roofing applications. With Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam's extensive knowledge and years of experience, they have earned a reputation of providing quality services and commitments to their customers across Texas and the U.S. Foam Kote's operational staff commits its self to offering quality work, professionalism and personal attention to every project.

Foam Kote Inc. is a Spray-in-Place Urethane Foam fully licensed and insured company that wants nothing more than to provide their customers with a healthier, safer, more cost effective operating and/or living environment.

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Effective Noise Barrier means a quieter environment!

  • Blocks out bad noise and locks in good sound.
  • Reduces extraneous noise from highways, bridges, car alarms, trains and buses making a smart, effective way to insulate residential and commercial buildings.
  • For media rooms, home offices, condos and apartments there is a cost effective design for walls and ceilings. The standard building code and most construction is based on a STC rating of 27-34. Building a quieter room used to be too expensive for most builders. Spray-in-Place urethane foam Insulated walls achieve a STC rating (Sound Transmission Class) of 50 or more.
  • Ceilings and walls should absorb sound not make it.